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Covenant Books Hawaii will be providing the bookstore for the Honolulu Bible Conference.

We will have the largest stock of Banner of Truth books ever brought to Hawaii and will be selling them for 40% off retail, go to: www.banneroftruth.org to see their titles and to learn more about the ministry of the Banner of Truth Trust.

The purpose of Covenant Books Hawaii since 1994 has been to provide Christians in Hawaii with the best Christian books, and Bibles at the best prices.

We are able to offer such low prices because we are a ministry and we do not make a profit, we sell you the books for what we purchase them for.

We only carry books and Bibles, especially study Bibles that we believe, we do not carry what is popular but only what we believe to be good for the soul, hence we primarily stock reformed books, especially the Puritans, and only Bible versions that we believe to be accurate and only good solid study Bibles

We will also have Reformation Study Bibles, both ESV and NKJV on sale and a good selection of ESV Bibles and study Bibles at great prices

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